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     Via G. Di Vittorio 60 – 43045 - Fornovo Taro (PR) - Italy

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ACMI SpA is an Italian company specialized in the production of high technology bottling and packaging systems. Founded in 1984 in Riccò, in the province of Parma, the company now has three production plants and 380 employees, including the branch staff in the United Kingdom, Poland, Mexico and the United States.
Starting from the production of individual machines for palletizing, the company has expanded its product range over time and today, after thirty-five years of activity, ACMI is recognized by the market as one of the most important end-of-line suppliers at a global level and counts among its customers all the most important national and multinational food & beverage groups.
In particular, the product range consists of: high level and low level depalletizers; magnetic depalletizers; conveyors, aligners and accumulation belts; one-lane, two-lane and three-lane shrink wrappers; high-speed tray formers; pneumatic, electromechanical and electronic one-lane, two-lane and three-lane handle applicators; Twisterbox layer formation systems; high level and low level palletizers; multifunctional robots (depalletizer, palletizer, decrater, crater, carton packer, magnetic); systems with elastic sleeves for multipacks; rotating pallet and fixed pallet stretch wrappers; complete ends of line; repacking lines.