Championship of Beer Sommeliers Doemens

World Championship of Beer Sommeliers – Italian Competition

We are glad to announce that CRAFT BEER ITALY 20192019 will host the Italian Championship of Beer Sommeliers Doemens!

The final phase of the Competition will take place on Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 5 pmin the exhibition area of CRAFT BEER ITALY

The Competition strengthens once more the cooperation between NürnbergMesse Italia and the prestigious German Academy Doemens, that has been providing high quality training and education and disseminating beer culture and technical knowledge for more than one century, together with Arte Bier of Stefan Grauvogl, representative of Doemens Academy in Italy, accredited institute of “Master of Beer” and organizer of seminars for the education and training of Beer Sommeliers e Beer Masters.

The Competition is open only to Italian Beer Sommeliers graduated at Doemens Academy and develops over various disciplines such as a beer style blind tasting and identifying ten aroma defects; the finalists will show their prowess at CRAFT BEER ITALY with the sensory description of a beer and proposing beer&food pairings.