Best Craft Beer Label

Best Craft Beer Label

Contest Best Craft Beer Label, when the label makes the difference!

As the market is becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to be able to add value to your beer with an image that best represents the brewery’s soul. In this framework CRAFT BEER ITALY launches the first contest dedicated exclusively to craft beer labels. The aim is to recognize and encourage the commitment of brewers to the continuous improvement of their communication power.

Only Italian craft beer labels available on the market can take part in the contest; industrial beer labels and labels not yet on the market are not eligible. Besides the jury’s vote, labels will be voted by the online audience: all labels will be published on our Facebook page and users will be able to vote their favourite label (1 like = 1 point, 1 comment = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points). Obviously, the votes of the brewery itself will not be counted.

The winner announcement and the award ceremony will take place during CRAFT BEER ITALY 2019: the first, second and third place chosen by the jury and the first place chosen by the public will be awarded. Winners will have an amazing opportunity enjoying great visibility during the event as well as on our website, social networks, and national and international press releases.

Preliminary List of Participants - Download

Our judges

Davide Bertinotti

Beer popularizer, teacher and beer-hunter, homebrewer since 1998. He owns the websites which is dedicated to homebrewing, and, a database of beers and Italian microbreweries. He is one of the founding members of MoBI (Italian Beer Consumer Movement).

Lorenzo Dabove (aka Kuaska)

Beer expert. Besides being a well-known beer taster, he has published various books, including La birra non esiste (The beer does not exist) and Il manuale della birra (The Beer Handbook), and has taken part in many tv and radio programs. He’s one of the founding members of MoBI (Italian Beer Consumer Movement) and jury member in several national and international contests.

Alessandra Di Dio

Expert in the development, production and optimization of visual and textual contents on traditional and digital media. She writes on various generalist newspapers and on magazines dedicated to the beverage industry. She works as social media manager, communication consultant and jury member in beer competitions.

Andrea Turco

Founder and editor of the Blogzine Cronache di Birra, the main Italian brewing information platform, he is jury member in national and international contests, lecturer and sector consultant. He is among the founders of Fermentazioni Festival and organizer of the Craft Beer Week in Italy.

Antonio Zamperetti

Freelance art director for more than 30 years, he’s an expert in communication and graphics for companies in many different branches. He has always been a beer lover and he is one of the owners of Birrificio Sant'Andrea (a Brewery in Vercelli), where he takes care of marketing aspects. He took part in the Competition Mondial de la Bière in Mulhouse (France) for the selection of the best labels.