Best Craft Beer Label

Best Craft Beer Label

Contest Best Craft Beer Label, when the label makes the difference!

As the market is becoming more and more competitive, it is essential to be able to add value to your beer with an image that best represents the brewery’s soul. In this framework CRAFT BEER ITALY launches the first contest dedicated exclusively to craft beer labels. The aim is to recognize and encourage the commitment of brewers to the continuous improvement of their communication power.

Only Italian craft beer labels available on the market can take part in the contest; industrial beer labels and labels not yet on the market are not eligible. The jury, that will soon be presented on this website, is made up of five professionals and experts from the brewery world with a background in communication and marketing. They will judge all labels according to commonly agreed criteria, such as visual impact, capability to convey the brewery’s style and clarity for consumers.

Besides the jury’s vote, labels will be voted by the online audience: all labels will be published on our Facebook page and users will be able to vote their favourite label (1 like = 1 point, 1 comment = 2 points, 1 share = 3 points). Obviously, the votes of the brewery itself will not be counted.

The winner announcement and the award ceremony will take place during CRAFT BEER ITALY 2019: the first, second and third place chosen by the jury and the first place chosen by the public will be awarded. Winners will have an amazing opportunity enjoying great visibility during the event as well as on our website, social networks, and national and international press releases.