Supporting Program

Supporting Program

CRAFT BEER ITALY was enriched by a wide supporting program, that aimed at adding value to the craft beer world. Please find here below the highlights 2019:

  • Best Craft Beer Label Competition (when the label makes the difference!): the first competition exclusively dedicated to craft beer labels. Winners have been chosen by a jury of experts basing on objective criteria and by the public vote.

  • TASTE IT! AREAS: tasting sessions guided by the experienced Doemens Beer Sommeliers and Unionbirrai Beer Taster to get to know the excellences of the Italian and international craft beer world.

  • Final of the Italian Championship of Doemens Beer Sommelier: last stage to enter the global competition.

  • Neuromarketing experience applied to beer tasting offered by VDGLASS in cooperation with CIAS INNOVATION. Aim of the experience was to measure the brain reaction to different types of beer tasting glasses thanks to the EEG technology.

  • Homebrewing Forum by MoBI, sessions on the trend topics for homebrewing.

  • Pub Crawl: a selection of Milanese pubs, that offered craft beer to discounted prices to the event visitors.